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We offer a huge variety of hygienically processed Agmark Certified Besan. In the manufacturing of Chana Dal and then Besan, Chickpea is procured from the best of places in the world. Strict quality control standards are laid down for procurement of Chana. It is then finely processed in an automatic plant under ideal hygienic conditions. We provide a number of methods for controlling the moisture level present in each grain and with the help of sorts, we remove all foreign material and impurities. As a result, clean Chana Dal is obtained which is then grounded using the automatic pulverizes and centrifugal which is also a high precision sieving machine to get the wholesome Besan. We conduct various tests such as Total Ash, Acidic Insoluble Ash and Alcoholic Acidity and Protein with each lot of Besan. With continuous efforts of improving the quality of our research and development, each variety is made sure to be finest in its class. We have installed capacity to produce 1,50,000 tons of Besan annually.


Low temperature grinding technique is used to retain the natural aroma, flavour and taste of Besan. Our Besan is high fiber food which enhances digestion and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, also is useful for controlling blood sugar levels which may reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity. It also normalizes bowel movements and helps maintain bowel integrity and  health.

We provide the following range of Besan to our customers :


This is a fine granule gram flour, which is used in preparing Besan Pateesa, Chilla, etc.

Soan Papri Special

Special granule Besan for preparation of whiter, clearer and fine textured (TAR) Soan Papri.


As the name suggests, this is a perfect quality for preparation of all types of namkeen and is preferred by all major namkeen manufactures in India. Perfect Besan has a special quality to absorb less oil which results in crispier namkeen.

Kadhi Pakoda Special

This special quality Besan is used to make Kadi Pakora, Missi Roti and Pakoras (Snacks). It has a special property of low oil absorption.

Dhokla Special

This is a Super fine granules gram flour, is extensively researched and further developed in order to the make the Dhokla, more fluffy & softer. This result is due to very high water absorbing capacity compared to other Besan and thereby produces more quantity of Dhokhlas. Nearly 5 Kg of Dhokla can be prepared using 1 kg of Pan Brand Besan. 

Mota Besan

Regular quality which is high preferred by caterers for wholesome prepartions.

Velvet Khamman Special

Extra extra fine granules which gives a felling of velvet when touched. The result of this Besan is Spl. Khamman (Sought after by Gujaratis and Maharashtrains), which is very fluffy and gives appropriate Jaali.


A special variety of Motichor (spl) has been relaunched recently by us. Pan Brand is the first one to reintroduces such a special quality motichor in Indian market. This quality has changed the entire perspective of preparation of motichoor ladoo, that ensures each boondi of the ladoo is round, clear and firm without any cracks with a very low wastage or cut.

Gathia & Faida Special

This Special type of Besan results in very soft Gathia & Fafda which dissolves in the mouth. This Besan is special in terms of its low oil absorptive capacity.


This is a semi coarse granule gram flour and is used to prepare raita boondi and Delicacies.


This is exclusively used for extruder products.

Fine grit : Widely used for ready to eat snack such as Achari Masti (Bingo).

Coarse grit : It is used to prepare ready to eat snacks like Kurkure (Frito Lay), Takatak (Haldiram).

Nutrition Facts:

Energy 372 Kcal Carbohydrates 59.8 g
Protein 20.8 g Lipids 5.6 g

Packaging of Besan :

500 Grm 1 Kg 5 Kg 10 Kg 35 Kg 50 Kg
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