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Processing at Pan Brand starts right from the procurement of clean and best quality raw material. We use mechanism that picks high quality Grains and checks moisture, nutrient present in each granule.

Processing food products requires cleanliness, gentle handling and precise control of temperatures and treatment time in order to ensure best quality product and due care is taken at our plant in order to ensure best quality output.

In pulses trade, we are the FIRST COMPANY in India to use SORTEX MACHINE equipped with sensing detectors and cameras. It effectively detects discolored and impure grains, leaving processors with a clean and quality product. Digital image processing is incorporated to detect and reject even the smallest defects from product at high production rates.

Destoner is used to remove small, lighter stones roughly the size of a grain kernel from the grain stream

We also use Dryer for faster and greater drying uniformity and less over-drying of the grain and provides uniform plenum temperatures to help maintain top grain quality.

The Automatic Pouch Packaging Machines for granule are used for ultra hygiene and for no human touch to the final output. It meets the highest of international standards when it comes to a quality output.

All the machines (Buhler and Satake) are of international standard imported from Taiwan, Germany, UK and USA.


  • Cleaning and sanitizing systems for sacks and other containers.
  • Use of metal detectors through preparation and processing lines.
  • Use of conveyors at various levels.
  • Fumigation at regular intervals in plants.
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